Farming tilapia profitably

Low intensity RAS via Aquaculture Production Units is the entry into fish farming. High intensity RAS is for larger scale businesses.

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Industry Experts

William, Donovan, Hugo, Ross and the engineering team have many combined decades of experience in aquaculture and in business development. We're a powerful combination.

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Proven Systems

We use the same systems we sell. We know them backwards, inside and out.

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APUs (Aquaculture Production Units) include backup support

What good is a fish farm if you don’t know how to use it? Rydawi offers you training in all aspects of using your Aquaculture Production Unit when farming fish. Once you have bought one of our systems (minimum is one APU) we offer you free support. It takes about half a day to teach you what to do and how to set it up and from there we’re here to help you extract the most from your new fish farming tool. We call this ‘wet hands experience on the job learning’ using the right tool, our APU production unit. Our wealth of experience is here – use it to your best advantage. Our Unique Aquaculture Production Unit (APU) system will have you up and running in a jiffy.

You can start with our production module called an APU in literally under two hours.


In addition we Offer

  • Project planning and design
  • Systems supply and installation
  • Training and mentorship
  • Access to superior genetic stock
  • Access to good quality feed supply
  • Access to markets and take-off agreements
  • Systems that are the most energy efficient systems in the market, thus increasing profitability and limiting risk with load shedding
  • Systems that are fully scaleable and modular making expansion and growth simple and cost effective
  • Lowest cost installation and logistics on new farms
  • A certain high yield, high income project for small scale farmers up to 20MT production per 400m2 land area providing a turnover of R900k per annum
  • A certain high yield, high income for large scale farmers in excess of 2000 MT production per annum

Since the 2016 Green City Startup Project, we’ve firmed up relations with UJ, developed our own filter system for the Aquaculture Production Unit that is now a self contained moulded unit, added research, developed production system frameworks and expanded. We have feed coming on stream and the interest continues to pour in. We won the Nedbank 702 Business Accelerator and went to GrowCo in New Orleans in 2018. What a ride it continues to be be!


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Offtake Agreements

Unsure of where to sell your final product? We’ll sign an offtake agreement with you in the (very) unlikely event you are unable to sell your fish locally.

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Feed Supply

Quality feed supply is just a phone call away. We can supply you with superior quality fry, fingerling and growout feeds.

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Fingerling Supply

Whilst you are establishing your fish farm the fastest way to get into full production is to buy in fingerlings. Rydawi can supply you with top quality fast growing male only hormone free niloticus to suit your needs whilst you establish your own hatchery.

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Equipment Servicing & Support

Everything that you buy from us comes with a warranty and after sales support. We understand the mission critical nature of the equipment you use which is why we only supply the best, and we back it up with a full complement of spares and replacement parts.

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Tilapia farming in South Africa is now commercially viable thanks to government’s eventual relaxation of the use of oreochromis niloticus, the fastest growing of the tilapia species. Intensive recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) are best suited to our climate and offer the best return on investment in aquaculture.

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