Farming tilapia profitably

Low intensity RAS via Aquaculture Production Units is the entry into fish farming. High intensity RAS is for larger scale businesses.

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Industry Experts

William, Donovan, Hugo, Ross and the engineering team have many combined decades of experience in aquaculture and in business development. We're a powerful combination.

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Proven Systems

We use the same systems we sell. We know them backwards, inside and out.

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What do we do?

We sell fish farming systems called APUs (Aquaculture Production Units). These are 10kl self contained fish farms.We sell these in conjunction with a helping hand to get you started, to master the skills you will need to become a fish farmer.

Chances are that you are like we were when we began this journey – interested in the concept of fish farming, but without the knowledge and know how needed to make it work.

It is crazy off the charts complicated. Put it this way, two decades of commercial Koi keeping experience is perhaps a start, but it by no means prepared for us for the total onslaught that is a fish farming business.

There are many moving parts to a fish farm that at first look insignificant but which in reality can wipe you out if you don’t keep careful attention to detail.

We have developed a management tool to help you navigate the choppy waters. This comes with the system, and it will help you keep control of your farming as you go, keeping track of where you are in terms of growth rates and overall performance.

We will help you track your water quality, allowing you to predict problems before they occur.

Looks simple enough – and it is. Think of us as your guide in the process – there is complexity beneath the surface that we’re here to help you understand and to master.

Think of an Aquaculture Production Unit or APU as a machine. It is of a semi intensive Recirculated Aquaculture System (RAS) design that has been developed with the specific focus of allowing you to produce fish at your own pace in your own time, allowing you to stretch yourself as you go.

Once properly fine tuned the machine will produce fish steadily for you – and of course you can have as many of them as you like. Aquaculture, after all, like all farming benefits from scale – the larger the better. The APU design uniquely allows you to scale one or one hundred units at a time.

Fish farming is COMPLEX. There are many moving parts to a system – and mastering these takes time. The management tool allows you to understand this process, to learn it and to get the most out of your APU.

We focus on the Nile tilapia because it is the easiest species to make commercially viable quickly. The time frames are up to you – how much effort you put into your operation will dictate how much reward you get out. Be realistic – if you have never farmed fish before you can expect a learning curve – farming is not something that can be learned in a month.

The APU is low risk because relative to other aquaculture operations it is cheap and simple. An APU costs R30k each ex VAT – there is no simpler or faster way to get into aquaculture meaningfully and to acquire the knowledge and production the APU is capable of.

Some numbers…

One ton of fish. At R65/kg that’s R65k per year income. You will need to allocate feed costs of around R18k, electricity costs of around R3.5k, water costs of around R2k and around R6k worth of fingerlings to your direct cost of production. Variable costs of labour, processing, marketing and sales and so forth you’ll need to work out – these are all unique to you.

We opt for RAS for two important reasons.

1. Because you can scale it. Anywhere.

Non RAS systems can only be located where there is water. Lots of water. And land. Lots of land. Think long terms – these two things constrain the final scale of your operation. RAS though can be installed anywhere. Like us – in a downtown warehouse in the middle of the city. Or on your own plot of land. In your garage. A shed…

2. Because you can control it.

Control over the fish production environment is key.  Extensive (i.e. external in the environment) systems put you at the mercy of a continually fluctuating environment. This means you have continually fluctuating production. Let’s face facts, climate change phenomena are not our friends. Floods, droughts, typhoons, storms – it’s getting worse, not better.


We made it small enough to manage but big enough to pack a production punch.

We kept it standalone. We did this so that you can scale to any size farm you want to, and you can start off at any scale you feel comfortable with.

We kept it SIMPLE. Just follow the rules and anyone should be able to farm fish successfully. The intention of the system is to provide you with a tool, the tool that you will use to LEARN how to farm fish successfully.

You can start with your own APU in literally under two hours. As mentioned it costs R30k ex VAT, or R65k ex VAT for a two APU system upgraded to a coupled side channel blower (increases reliability and reduces air pump maintenance).


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