Farming tilapia profitably

Low intensity RAS via Aquaculture Production Units is the entry into fish farming. High intensity RAS is for larger scale businesses.

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Industry Experts

William, Donovan, Hugo, Ross and the engineering team have many combined decades of experience in aquaculture and in business development. We're a powerful combination.

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Proven Systems

We use the same systems we sell. We know them backwards, inside and out.

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What have we learned?

Fish farming is not easy. It requires deep skills, lot of time and wads of cash. It requires scale and it cannot be done as a hobby.

In order to be successful in fish farming you will need

  • A plan – plan your business
  • Your full and undivided attention
  • Several million rand, once you know what you are doing

You will also typically need to find your own market for your fish that you have farmed.

And then you will need to understand your competition and you will need to be a wizz at your numbers.

This is not for the faint hearted – but then those who stick with it will make a lot of money.

Alternately your fish farming career might be one in which you invest in a fish farm with demonstrable track records of success.