An Aquaculture Production Unit (APU) is a fish farming system based on Recirculated Aquaculture System (RAS) technology.

This is our APU up and running – about three years now.

The APU uses low intensity production with a design capacity of 20kg/m^3 of tilapia at 28C water at altitude in Johannesburg.

It comprises of a 10kl pond constructed from sturdy seal sealing canvas (we used them for years in our Koi business with great results – we still have some that are coming up for nigh on 20 years old to give you an idea).

There is also the APU filter system attached. This is a dual stage mechanical and biological filtration system. The biological filtration system uses SuperActiFlo moving bed biomedia, with surplus capacity to add additional media should you require it.

The mechanical stage operate via a static bed of SuperActiFlo that is backwashed regularly to extract the solid detritus build up and to accomplish the required water changes on the system.

It comes complete. Internal baffle plates are fitted, aeration rings are fitted and all piping is installed. The only thing you will need to complete is the drain line – this is not shipped as “glued into place” owing to potential transport damage if it were.

The correct specification water pump is included as are two air pumps – one to drive the moving bed and backwash of the mechanical stage when needed and the other to provide aeration into the tank to keep your dissolved oxygen levels high. All media for both mechanical and biological filtration is also included.

All you need to do is set it up, fill with water, plug it in, add fish and you are farming.

All at the bargain basement price of R37,750.00 ex VAT each. Excludes infrastructure obviously.

Best of all no matter what size operation you end up with your APU will always be used in the hatchery/nursery operations. And if you ever decide to move you can just pick up and take it with you.