15 ton per annum production farm

This is what we consider to be an entry level fish farming system that is big enough to make economic sense, without breaking the bank. Using FarmInABox systems you can maximise your production with niloticus quickly and simply. If you farm at lower but easier to manage densities of 15 kg per kl of water a farm of 15 x FIABs will produce between 4 and 10 tons a year*. Increase that to around 20 kg per kl of water and production improves correspondingly to 13 tons per annum.**

This is a straight forward grow out production process. Add fish in the one end, move them through the system and harvest them at the other end. You can add your own hatchery to your farm at any time once you have mastered keeping fish alive, growing them to size and harvesting them.

This model maximises your stocking of FarmInABox systems and boosts your profitability. It is an easy to manage size that can be handled by a single person…

FarmInABox is built to be simpler, more cost effective, cheaper to operate and still robust as hell. You can’t break it – FarmInABox is built to farm fish day in day out all year round. It’s a tool built to work for decades, making you money.


* – depending on market size of fish and temperatures. This figure is deliberately conservative. Local market conditions will dictate your initial production levels.

** – depending on market size of fish and temperatures.