tantalising tilapia tit bits

So you have some land and some water and you want to farm fish?

If only it were that easy…

Do you know what size fish you can sell, at what price and how many of them you can sell?

Now we’re talking!

Yup. If you can’t answer those three questions you don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that.

It gets worse. As a fish farmer – which is a brand new industry, you need to own the value chain from egg to plate. In other words if you’re not selling to the customers consuming your fish you only have 80% of the equation solved. It’s the final 20% which will kill you if you don’t get it right.

We’d suggest you START there rather than produce fish only to discover your assumptions about them are wrong. Been there, done that and we’ve had to sell the freaking T Shirt!

The good news is that we’ve learned a few things. Chief of which is that the demand for fresh fish is actually looking to be pretty enormous. Verify that demand and price before you begin and we can help you with the mechanics of producing fish to meet that demand. After three years of continuous production from high tech intensive 100kg/m^3+ to low tech semi intensive 20kg/m^3, without – and this is important – losses! we think we can say we know what it takes to grow fish.