Buy Fingerlings


We sell our excess fingerlings that are surplus to our needs. As we only use one cohort of fish at a time, and we produce three cohorts a month you can be assured that we never sell left overs, “reject” fish or slow growers.

Quite on the contrary our fingerlings are graded, weighed and counted three times before they reach a saleable age. Their age and weight are constantly monitored and evaluated and we guarantee you that our fingerlings will be at, or in excess of 8 grams by the age of 60 days, “ahead of the curve” as we refer to them.

This way, only the best growers are kept during the grading process. This ensures even, consistent production of fast growing tilapia that will give you an even consistent harvest. Our fish are tough and disease free thanks to our closed production system. We guarantee them live for 24 hours after delivery.

Pricing starts at R3/fingerling, negotiable lower over 1,000.

We will also occasionally have quantities of larger than fingerling, i.e. juveniles available for sale. Contact us to check on availability.


If you do not have an AIS (Alien & Invasive Species) permit for Nile tilapia you cannot legally buy them or own them. A copy of the permit application form can be downloaded using the link below:

Permit application form for Alien and Listed Invasive Species Rydawi

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