Facts and figures (you can actually generate your own quote based off this page.)


The basic APU production unit is 10kl in size. It costs R30k ex VAT.

For (a maximum) 20 tons of fish per year production capacity you will need 15 APUs.

Each APU uses a maximum of 300W of power and a minimum of 250W.

Each APU uses a space of 4.5m x 4.5m (a 15 pond tunnel will need to be 10m x 40m).

Your tunnel complete with power, water, backup generator and peripheral equipment will cost you approximately R150k to R250k (we do not build tunnels, but we will give you a blue print with your first system).

At FULL Production (12 to 18 months after your first APU Purchase) – these numbers are for a 15 Aquaculture Production Unit farm:

You will spend approximately R18k on water for the year and R36k on electricity for the year. You can sell your “waste” water or use it for veggie growing.

Your biggest input costs will be feed at around R12/kg (R275k, ramping up from R100k).

Your fingerling costs will be approximately R160k.

You will produce approximately 15 tons per year of tilapia (you should exceed this figure by about 10% after a year or two).

You will obtain approximately R750k from sales @ R50/kg (we have seen figures of R60/kg to R95/kg but you need to work to find these).

Your profit before labour, taxes and capital payback will be approximately R141 000.