Facts and figures

The basic APU production unit is 10kl in size. It costs R30k ex VAT.

Each APU uses a maximum of 350W of power.

Each APU uses a space of 4.5m x 4.5m (a standard tunnel of 40m x 10m will hold 15 APUs and one 10kl reservoir.

Your tunnel costs will vary depending on the level of sophistication you install. Don’t forget the basics – an auto start back up generator that drives the airlines at a minimum, a mains water supply line, a main waste water line, air supply feeds to the APUs, water supply feeds to the APUs and waste water outlets from the APUs, and of course power to each system.

Basic installation you can do yourself, or else we have a team that will do the installation for you, depending of course where in the world you are. Detailed plans will be supplied to you as part of the deal to help you get up and running quickly. Good planning is essential and will give you a quicker, cheaper installation overall.