A profitable and sustainable Tilapia Farm

farmFish farming with tilapia in South Africa is a not a new concept. Doing it profitably however is!

Aquaculture has finally come onto the radar screens of government and the impediments to a successful industry are slowly being removed. Issues with feed supply and quality fingerlings are rapidly being addressed.

The time is now

It takes time to get your fish farm up and running. Doing so sooner gives you the opportunity to establish your business as a local player and to grow your share of the market. Fish farming is a long term business with long terms benefits and stability to it.

How much money will I need?

That depends on what you want to do. But know this. It takes time and money to get up to production scales that make economic sense. This is farming in every sense of the word – it is capital intensive and slow to yield good profits. Farming is a five to twenty year business, and beyond.

It helps to think of fish farming along the same lines as chicken farming. Small scale chicken farming is not profitable, but large scale production makes a lot of money. It is the same with fish. It will take money to make money. Happily though it can cost you very little to learn everything you need to know about farming fish – a single FarmInABox (FIAB) Production System will give you all the tools, all the experience and all the know how to run 1000 such production systems.

Will I need my own hatchery?

Yes, depending on your size. If you are over 200 tons per year a hatchey starts to make economic sense. Less than this and it is more cash flow friendly to simply buy in fingerlings from a reputable source. Happily we are one such source. When the time comes you can buy broodstock from us – using exactly the same fish we will be supplying you to begin with. Hatcheries however are highly specialised and technically sophisticated – definitely not where you want to be starting.

I have no idea what I am doing!

You’re not alone. But we do. And we’re here to guide you and teach you and support you in making your fish farm profitable. We train, mentor, support and advise – this is what we do after all. All our systems come with complete farming support packages thrown in as part of the deal.

How do I get started?

You will need some flattish ground, access to water (municipal will even do) and access to some power. You will also need some money but probably around less than you think. With FarmInABox you can literally be farming fish in under half an hour from the time you unpack the system and a single FarmInABox will set you back only R30k.This is the cheapest way to get into professional fish farming on the market by a mile.