The Aquaculture Production Unit (APU)

Think of our APU as a tool that you use to produce fish with. You put in small fish, food, water, electricity and you take out much larger fish. As with many tools the APU can be used in many ways to grow many different types of fish and can be tweaked in any of a number of different ways to suit your specific requirements.

All APUs are designed to be self contained independent fish production systems. They are of a semi-intensive Recirculated Aquaculture System design and can be configured to intensive RAS systems with the addition of pure oxygen.

This allows you

  • Much greater water usage efficiency (max 80l/day backwashed)
  • Power efficient
  • Compact, space efficient
  • Simple to use and maintain filtration
  • Easy equipment maintenance
  • Robust design

Our wealth of experience is here – use it to your best advantage and have your own APU system up and running in a jiffy.

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You can be started with your own Aquaculture Production Unit in literally under two hours.

In addition we Offer

  • Project planning and design
  • Systems supply and installation
  • Training and mentorship
  • Access to superior genetic stock
  • Access to good quality feed supply
  • Access to markets and take-off agreements
  • Systems that are the most energy efficient systems in the market, thus increasing profitability and limiting risk with load shedding
  • Systems that are fully scaleable and modular making expansion and growth simple and cost effective
  • Lowest cost installation and logistics on new farms
  • A certain high yield, high income project for small scale farmers up to 20MT production per 400m2 land area providing a turnover of R900k per annum
  • A certain high yield, high income for large scale farmers in excess of 2000 MT production per annum

We have an ongoing collaboration with the University of Johannesburg that is developing along formal lines. We’re engaging with them on new projects for research and student development in the space of aquaculture.