Starter Kit

The heart of your fish farm is of course the fish production system – in our case the Aquaculture Production Unit or APU (Starcraft players might recognise the term. It is accidental we assure you).

The APU is the distillation of a lot of learning into as simple a fish production system as you can come up with. Being self contained it means multiple APUs reduce your farm wide risk, and it is an easy way to expand production by simply adding more units.

The big hurdle is learning how to farm fish. This is what makes an APU such a convenient low cost entry to fish farming.

You will need some ancillary kit to get you started. These are largely once offs, but are the essential tools and spanners of the trade that you really do need to have. We have put them all together in a tool box for you.

Testing equipment – if you can’t test it you’re guessing. Guessing leads to assumptions. Assumptions lead to bad decisions. Bad decisions lead to failure (with apologies to Yoda).  It amazes us how many people start farming without a test kit!

FOR YOUR FIRST 180 days this is what you are likely to need, in addition to however many APUs you want to kick off with at R34,500.00 each. 

Note that the prices quoted below include VAT

Test kits, hand held meters, ancillary kit

Test kit. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, KH R1,000.00
Additional Nitrite/Nitrate test kit * R500.00
Salinity meter, hand held R1,000.00
HTH pH Test Kit (refills cheaper)
Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Hand Held R4,500.00
Gram Scale, 0.1 to 200g R400.00
Net Round, Large, 2m handle

* doing it this way gives you a total of 100 tests at the most cost effective way

Startups and additives

Bio Active, 2.5kg, filter start up
Sodium Bicarbonate, 25kg (alkalinity control)
Formalin, 2.5l (just in case)

Feed and fingerlings

180 days, total 346kg across 5 cohorts @R16.50/kg R5,709.00
1170 fingerlings across 6 cohorts @R3 ea. R3,510.00


Purge tank, 3kl R3,000.00
Spare/backup air pump (used on purge tank) R2,995.00
Air diffuser R350.00

Total for everything  listed above: R25,794.00

This breaks down as follows

Once off costs R14,325.00
Feed and fingerlings R9,219.00
Tests and additives R2,250.00

Items in blue are items that you will use continuously. The balance are once off costs. Note that your feed costs will increase after 180 days as your total fish mass increases.

Self sourced equipment

Salt Nets
Hydrochloric acid Feed buckets (2kg)
Scale (5g to 5kg) HTH pH refills
Scale (100g to 50kg) Ice maker/freezer