fishYour single biggest input cost followed by labour and electricity is your feed. A good quality feed is absolutely mission critical, far more so than the actual price. A cheap feed will not allow your fish to grow with good fat, profitable fillets. Further a cheap feed will not be digested by the fish, and passed out to clog up and foul your water quality and your filters. And you will then need more of it to put the same weight onto your fish.

Been there done that

A poor quality, cheap feed will cost you an arm and a leg. Profits in fish farming are the most important thing – your selection of feed will have a great impact on your farm’s profitablity. A good feed need not be expensive, but a cheap feed will never be a good quality feed!

Feeding your fish

Tilapia can comfortable eat up to six times a day. Over feeding however will waste food, pollute water, reduce growth rates and adversely affect… yes, you guessed it, profitability!

Tilapia food conversion rates

A good feed conversion ratio (FCR)  is around 1.3 – i.e. 1.3kg of fish feed converting into 1kg of fish. This is easier said than done, but eminently achievable and some fish farmers do better than this. Did you know that tilapia and most fish in fact have the best food to growth conversion ratios of all animals?

Tilapia are vegetarians

This means that their impact on our oceans is minimised because a lot less fish meal is required in their diet. Exciting developments in tilapia feeds are constantly coming about with good implications for the industry at large and already we are starting to see developments in the local feed industry start to come about – we’ve already developed a fish meal free feed with excellent results. And we have access to the best tilapia feed makers in SA – we’ll put you in touch with them directly.