fingerlingsWe only supply tilapia. More specifically the nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, because it is the only tilapia that
has commercial potential. You will need several permits for this fish – chief of which is the AIS permit. See Permits
for more information.

Selecting your fingerling stock is important

In time when you reach decent production volumes it becomes economical to produce your own fingerlings. A rough minimum production capacity of 200 tons per annum is when you would start to look at breeding your own fingerlings.

Until then is it far simpler, cheaper and productive to buy in fingerlings that you then grow on.

1. All male fingerlings are essential. Females consume the same quantity of feed but growth is about 1/4 that of male fish.

2. We don’t supply sex reversed fish (achieved by feeding methyltestosterone)

3. Our fingerlings are produced using YY males and XX females – these are genetically selected, NOT genetically modified fish.

4. Fingerlings can be supplied at any size, upto 15g. Shipping costs however may impact the practical size of the fish you need.

5. Growing of fry you can also do yourself. Given their weight to numbers ratio it is possible to grow large numbers of fry in small tanks to feed your growout FIAB systems with.

6. Good quality fingerlings mean a good quality end product. You simply cannot produce successfully and measurably with variations in your fingerling stock.

7. The first two weeks of a tilapia’s life are the most important in determining their growth rates. Less quality fingerlings will exhibit much more variation in size at harvest.

8. Using Natural Male Tilpia (NMT) in your system means your fish are much greener, grow more consistently and make you more money.


Pricing is indicative and discounts do apply for our regular customers. Swimup fry are sold at R1.90 each at a minimum order of 1000.  Fingerlings of 5g each are sold at R3 each at a minimum order of 1000 and 15g fingerlings at R4 each at a minimum order of 1000. We supply red and silver natural male niloticus. Contact us for more information.

TiLAqua Parent Tilapia

We have been appointed as the distributors for TilAqua, a leading company in Tilapia genetics based in Holland. TilAqua is world famous for producing both silver and red Tilapia parent broodstock that naturally produce all male fingerlings. With excellent quality genetics your fish farm success is better assured.