Green City Startup – 3rd Place!

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We came third in the Green City Start up Competition 2016!

From over 190 entries Rydawi made it to third place. We’re humbled and excited for the recognition given to our efforts by the City of Johannesburg.

From start to finish it’s been an amazing experience and from our side all we can say is a big Thank You to the City. Being a part of this competition has opened so many doors and exposed us to some amazing people with whom we can work, in particular Resolution Circle who are solving a few headaches that we have from a technical point of view.

We have had excellent interactions with key personnel within the City and we are looking forward to continuing the journey with them in the future. Ours is a long term business and we have been so encouraged to see that what we are doing is recognised as having an impact and making a difference. Urban fish farming is here, and growing Tilapia for the City is a viable business for anyone to engage in.

Onwards and Upwards!