Green City Startup

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We made it to the Top 8 of the Green City Startup Funding Competition 2016!

It’s been a wild ride and an amazingly interesting experience that has really shown us a whole new world and a way of doing things. We’re amazed at the number of initiatives and innovation taking place around Johannesburg and kudos to the City for this project. It has already made a massive difference to us, and we know just what we can do with it going forward.

Exciting is the word and at the moment working in our business has never been more so. We can feel we’re on the cusp of something really, really big and we’re all over it – grabbing every opportunity that we can. Our product, our vision, our know how all combine at this point in time in the perfect storm to give us a fairly unique market position and with the backing of this competition we can transform an industry from nowhere into a mainstream industry.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing segment in the the agricultural industry globally, at three times the pace of any other segment with hydroponics being a distant second. Already more than half the seafood consumed by humans is farmed. In South Africa we have effectively no aquaculture of whatsoever which speaks to the sheer enormity of the opportunity to make this happen. And it is through the unbanning of niloticus that the industry can truly be liberated into what it should already have become.

We are here to make this happen and to create the industry. We won’t lie – it takes balls, a paranoid sense of delusion and much large quantities of cash than we ever thought possible to make it happen but when you have backers, partners and genuinely sincere people to help you along the way as we have now with the Green City Startup Team we are absolutely convinced more than ever that tilapia farming in South Africa is going to become synonymous with Rydawi Fish Farms.

Watch this space Joburg, we’re bringing a fish farm somewhere near you – creating jobs, creating empowerment and creating healthy, fresh, fish protein for everyone.