Aquaculture Production Unit (APU)


Aquaculture Production Unit or APU. Max (peak) loading is 200kg of tilapia at 28C at altitude in Jhb. Using multi age cohort stocking one ton per annum of production of tilapia is achievable under ideal operating conditions.




The APU comprises of the 10,000l tank and the filtration system. Together you have everything you need – you will need to start farming once you have added water and electricity.

Included are

  • 2 x 140l/min airpumps. One drives the biofilter and the second provides direct aeration to the tank
  • 1 x 16kl/hr water pump. This feeds water from the tank to the biofilter for continuous filtration
  • 1 x filtration unit – a two stage filter unit
    • First stage is the mechanical stage which removed solid waste from the water stream
    • Second stage is the biological stage which is a moving bed that undertakes the nitrifying work of removing ammonia and nitrite from the system
  • 500l of moving bed media, 50l of which is static in the mechanical stage and 450l dynamic in the moving bed stage
  • All plumbing and fittings

You need only glue the drain line in place – this is not glued as it can get easily damaged in transport. It is easily installed when the filter unit is positioned and runs under the filtration unit which protects it.

A full instruction manual on setting the APU up is included.