Production volumes


Tonnage capacity will depend on a stunningly large array of numbers. An APU can run at upto 1 ton of fish per year if you are on top of your game and producing all year round – this is with tilapia. Of course production with something like catfish can be far higher, and with trout similar. Conditions and skill will play an impact on your production volumes and changes to the APU via the addition of oxygen for instance can change these numbers dramatically. It all depends on you and your unique set of conditions – but of course we have a reasonable idea of what is achievable out of the starting blocks.

Of course your commitment also goes a long way to ensuring success. Aquaculture is a not a weekend activity and we see massive swings in success between those who take it seriously. spend 24/7 with their farm and those that don’t or outsource the running of the farm to managers/workers who may not have the same motivations. Unfortunately we cannot answer this for you – but what we will say is that once you have mastered your own fish farm the ability to manage it and delegate more of its workings becomes much easier.

Volumes will also be determined by the size fish you intend producing. Our experience has shows that smaller fish sell just as well as bigger fish. You can stock at the same density, but turn the fish over more rapidly and hence improve production tonnages annually. We also use what we call our ‘stacking’ principle to maximise efficiency of the systems.

You will learn all of this as you go. Remember that the APU is a tool, and all tools can be used in different ways. The inherent flexibility of the system is a significant advantage specifically to allow you to try different things with it.