Til-Aqua Info and Pricing

Til-Aqua International is a world wide brand that has supplied superior quality tilapia genetics for many years. As their distributors in South Africa we supply both their red and silver strains of oreochromis niloticus tilapia in addition to swim up fry and fingerlings of both.

These are not yet ‘off the shelf’ stock items. oreochromis niloticus is still heavily regulated in South Africa and we import parent stock ON ORDER only. You will need your national DEAT permit in order to be able to buy from us in addition to any provincial permits that you may require.

We do export fish to neighbouring countries in the region as well for reference.

The ordering procedure is very simple. Pricing is volume driven as with all fish farming.

Each breeding set of fish comprises of one Super YY Male coupled to 6 or 7 mixed sex fish. These need to be kept and grown separately from each other until they reach maturity (5 to 7 months). At this time the mixed sex fish can be sexed and the males discarded. With a 50/50 mixed sex ratio this will leave you with at least 3 females which can be combined with the Super YY Male to produce all male fry.

Til-Aqua’s minimum order quantity for broodstock is 50 sets and they are all shipped at approximately 35 days of age. However, we have arranged that w can accept orders for 25 sets as a minimum. Each set should produce a minimum of around 10 000 fry, after which production rates drop dramatically and the breeding set should then be replaced to maintain optimum production of fry.