We don’t train students. We train farmers. In other words we’re really interested in teaching individuals who want to be taught how to farm fish. Our training is more rands and cents oriented combined with a ‘PRACTICAL get your hands wet’ approach.

Our training is free. Yes, you read that correctly. Free! Not one cent. Not one rand. Not one iota of cash will you pay. But, because we train farmers you will need something to farm with – hence training ONLY comes with the purchase of a FarmInABox production system.

1. You order the FIAB Production Unit.

2. When it is ready to go you come and spend a few days with us at the farm in Muldersdrift. You need to get there and accommodate yourself. We will provide you with guesthouse details if you need.

3. We will teach you how to erect, fill and commission YOUR FIAB system. We will teach you how to disassemble it.

4. We will teach you how to add fish to your system.

5. We will teach you how to feed your fish, in respect of quantities, feed rates and times. We will give you feed charts and show you how to use them properly.

6. We will teach you how to maintain your FIAB system properly and how to maintain the equipment used on it (pumps, etc).

7. We will teach you how to catch, count and weigh your fish. We will teach you how to grade and how to cull when necessary.

8. We will teach you about water quality, temperature, oxygen levels, and the effects all of these have on growth.

9. We will teach you good husbandry skills and best practises for disease prevention.

10. After three days you will be good to go home with your own FIAB pond and immediately begin farming.

11. Once your pond is setup and your tunnel (if used) erected, we’ll send you some fish to get going.

12. You will report weekly on 1) the number of fish, 2) the total weight of your fish and 3) the total kg of food fed to the fish.

13. We will log your performance on a chart and relay back to you how well, or badly you are doing.

14. You may WhatsApp us, or email us at any time for questions that you may have, for advice or for mentoring.