Testing 1,2,3

Good. You made it this far!


We have spent the last few years testing. We have tested A. We have tested B. And we have tested C through to Z. In short, if you name it, we have probably tested it.

And you will too. Testing is vital to you for important reasons.

Firstly it proves you know what you are doing. Which kinda makes a nice change in aquaculture terms.

Secondly it will always reveal some interesting learnings of your own which will become important in your business development. For instance, from our own pilot we think we have learned that it is semi intensive RAS production systems that are the most likely to yield the lowest cost of production, for now.

Testing is always expensive. We call it piloting – i.e. proving the technology does what it says it does and perhaps more importantly, that you can use the tech appropriately to do what you want it to do and that you have the skills to extract the best from it.

So before spending millions to figure out it isn’t going to work for you the way you thought it was, we suggest get an APU, or get a few APUs and TEST for yourself. Check your production, learn how to stretch the APU and how to squeeze maximum production from it. This is the cheapest way to build a solid fish farming business plan. And you will never need to spend a single cent on consultants if you don’t want to.