What’s an APU?

An APU is the acronym for an Aquaculture Production Unit.

An APU is a self contained 10kl fish farming system based on Recirculating Aquaculture System principles. We built it to target fish at a manageable maximum stocking density of 20kg/m^3 out of the box.

       An APU as shipped

It is a complete system comprising of the pond itself, the filter which is atwo stage affair (mechanical and biological), water pump, air pumps, bio media, and all plumbing and fittings. In essence all you have to do is to plug it all together, fill it up, plug in the pumps and turn them on and you are on your way to becoming a fish farmer.

  A mature operational APU. Hapas (nets) in this system contain our brood stock fish.

There is an incredible quantity of learning that has been deployed into the APU. It is a system built on many years of experience and know how and we’ve worked hard at Keeping It Simple. Mastery of one APU will give you mastery over many and you can literally scale your business simply by adding APUs to your operation.

    A brand new APU (you can see the pond in the bag in the left hand side of the unit). 
    Everything is packed into the filter so only ‘one box’ is shipped.

They are also flexible. APUs can serve as growout units, multiple age multiple cohorts, or as nursery systems, spawning systems, purge systems, holding systems – you name it. You can move them around – all you have to do is empty it. And all they need is flat ground, power and water.

We’ve modelled them typically on tilapia but you are not constrained to tilapia only.